Air Plant | Tillandsia Bulbosa


Brand Hawaiian Botanicals

Air plants are part of the Tillandsia family and get their name from their capability to draw all the nutrients and water that they need directly from the air - no soil needed! Because of the way they feed, air plants can be placed within decorative pieces, such as the Himmeli hanging designs by Lumota, in your home or outside!

Light  |  Air plants flourish in bright, indirect sunlight. 

Watering  |  1-2 times per week, fill a bowl or your sink with water and let your air plant(s) soak for 20-30 minutes. Gently shake off the excess water and place in a dry, well-circulated area. A freshly watered air plant will feel stiff and full, whereas an air plant needing water will feel softer and lighter. Wrinkled or rolled leaves are a sign of dehydration.

  • Each air plant is unique, yours may differ from the picture slightly
  • Medium Size  |  Approximately 10 cm x 7 cm