October | 19 | 2017

  At SALT, we are always looking for ways that we can live more sustainably. With the arrival of the BKIND Biodegradable Bamboo Toothbrush to our shelves, we got to thinking about how many plastic toothbrushes must end up in landfills. Too many! An everyday toothbrush is made up of plastic, rubber, nylon, and other materials that are no friend to our environment. None of these materials break down, which means when they end up in our landfills, or in our oceans, they are there indefinitely, polluting our planet and endangering marine life. We want to help you help us... Read more

FALL | A Season For Change

October | 18 | 2017

  At SALT, we design elevated basics for your everyday wardrobe. Most of the time, that means we stick to neutral tones and shades that can easily transition from day to night, from work to hike. This Fall, we are excited to add an extra pop to our store with a few hues inspired by the ocean’s decorative starfish, coral gardens, and sunsets reflecting on it’s surface. We know that bringing in colour contradicts our usual take on minimal decor and style, but hear us out. These days, a deep, colourful tone can be perceived as a basic when done... Read more

OCEAN CARE | What You Can Do

October | 11 | 2017

One of our favourite things about nature is that it is cyclical; it’s a closed loop system. It never creates anything naturally that it can’t deal with in some way. Would anyone else like to go back in time to the moment when plastic was created and take with them evidence of how it has affected our planet? Plead with them to turn back, to say no to something that we can’t break down without polluting our eco-system? Sometimes we get that urge. Sadly, that is not an option. So much of the plastic we consume ends up in our... Read more

#STYLExSALT | Back to School

October | 09 | 2017

Now that a few weeks have passed, you have walked the halls and had time to figure out what you are missing from your academic attire. Knowing how to coordinate an outfit or build a wardrobe is not everyone's strong suit though! On the West Coast, early Fall is a confusing time for fashion. A time of cool mornings and blazing afternoons. You have to dress smart, building an outfit that transitions with the day.  A dress keeps summer alive, and a turkish towel goes from shoulder wrap to stylish scarf as the day's temperature changes. School accessorizing is always a... Read more


October | 04 | 2017

Thanksgiving is an all day event in many households, sometimes longer. Aside from a great excuse to flex our culinary skills, it is all about visiting with loved ones, being thankful for all we are blessed with, and mindfully sharing kindness. We want to bring some kindness to the plate with this plant based, vegan Thanksgiving feast brought to us by our favourite cook Dana, the Minimalist Baker. Before you dive right in, read through every recipe to review cook times, steps that may need to be done the day before, and ingredients for the big day. As you read,... Read more


September | 27 | 2017

Now that the weather is once again turning a little cooler, many of us will sadly be spending less time outside with the flora. Losing touch with nature for the next 8 months is the last thing we want! Being surrounded by leafy branches and chirping songbirds is good for our health and happiness. With the majority of our time being spent indoors now, we need to bring the outdoors in. You know that deep, earthen smell of a plant nursery? It just smells like growth and life and quiet. Recreate that in your home! Pick a spot that you... Read more


September | 20 | 2017

Tides are caused by the gravitational pull of the moon and the sun on the Earth and her oceans. Their constant cycles are predictable and dependable. Even though we may be about 75% water, the pull of the tides do not affect us. However, that is not to say that our lives do not have their highs and lows. The ebb and flow of life can’t be put on a schedule; it is constantly in a dynamic state of motion. Change is inevitable, no matter how hard you try to sit still, so why not take back some of your... Read more

Modern Day Mermaids | Salty Finds

September | 13 | 2017

We may not have shimmery tails, but we often find ourselves salting our skin and combing out our beachy waves. Spending time near the ocean is where we find happiness. It’s expansiveness humbles us, it’s tides ground us, it’s consistent rolling lulls us into calm. We have found ourselves drawn to stock our shelves with products we couldn’t have in our lives without the inspiration of the sea. So many amazing things come from the ocean, we are constantly grateful for it’s bounty, and excited to find sustainable brands that help us bring their benefits into our homes. While we... Read more


August | 31 | 2017

With cream. A little sugar. A lot of sugar. Straight up black. Irish. Hot. Cold. There are many ways to enjoy a caffeinated jolt in the morning (or afternoon). Coffee has long surpassed the days when it was just a drink; it’s short of a religion for many people. And the worship happens daily. The way we make it, store it, and present it is all part of the ritual of enjoying a cuppa’. Hilja Nikkanen of HILE is putting her stamp on products that make sure our beans stay fresh and our filters flat. Founded in Finland 6 years... Read more

ADVENTURE 04 | Desolation Sound

August | 23 | 2017

I am always on the go. Even when I’m at home, not focusing on SALT, I have so many creative aspects that consume my thoughts.  So when July rolls around, and it’s time to head out for our annual family sailing trip to Desolation Sound,  I am happy to leave my many work hats behind and enjoy some time on the SALT water. My family and I have been taking this trip since I was born. Desolation Sound and our sailboat have been a refuge for us over the years, as we all lead busy entrepreneurial lives. Our first trips... Read more

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