CURATOR VS CONSUMER | Curate the life you want to live

February | 15 | 2019

"Think of yourself as a curator rather than a consumer.” - Christine Koh This statement could be taken in so many directions. We're not even sure what the woman who uttered it meant for us to take from it. It did get us thinking though.  In a world where populations and temperatures are rising, for those of us thinking about what we can do to keep this planet breathing, you could say that the word Consumer has taken on a "dirty" connotation. If you look into early definitions of the word, it was used to describe "one who squanders or wastes." This noun comes of course... Read more

THYSELF | Loving You

February | 08 | 2019

When was the last time you made a date with yourself? Actually put it in your calendar and made time with yourself a priority? We often make plans with other people, but we can easily let slip spending time with ourselves, or at least time on ourselves. It might seem a little odd at first, but scheduling in time to take care of yourself can be necessary if we live the kind of lives that fill up quickly. Sound familiar? Love is in the air - spread some of that sugar on yourself. Listen to yourself. If you need to turn off your... Read more

ZERO WASTE BATHROOMS | Natural, Minimal, Clean

February | 01 | 2019

Bathrooms. Usually not the biggest rooms in the house, but somewhere that takes up a lot of our time and attention. For a smaller room, it sure does seem to require a lot. Things to keep it clean, things to keep ourselves clean. When you think about it, most of our self-inflicted "maintenance" happens in the bathroom, which means we need more things to maintain it, meaning more possibility for waste. But, does it have to be this way? We bet that if you polled households, the bathroom would be where we all have the most unnecessary items. So what are... Read more


January | 25 | 2019

When the sun is constantly shining and warming our outside world, we tend to make plans with friends outdoors. Camping, hiking, BBQing. On the West Coast, our winter may not be bitingly frigid the way it is in many parts of Canada, but it is still dark and wet. It's that time of year when you are waking up and going home in the dark (in this hemisphere anyways).  This atmosphere compels us to turn to our indoor spaces to spend much of our time. Our fireplaces and our favourite blankets become our closest companions. We tend to spend more time alone, or... Read more


January | 18 | 2019

  Have you ever tried to count how many times you touch plastic in a day? Try it. If you live a conscious lifestyle and make an effort to eliminate plastic in your home, it might not be as many times as it could be. But if you leave your home, you have less control over coming into contact with it. And what about your car? What about every time you use something electronic, use running water, use a washroom?  And you have to think not only about the ingredients of the items you are using, but what was used... Read more

BONNETIER | La vie de chalet

January | 11 | 2019

When you're looking for cozy, where do you start? Top down, or bottom up? It could be different every day, depending on what you're doing. If you're living the "chalet life" having toasty toes are going to be a big priority. There is nothing worse than shredding the slopes worrying about frozen extremities when you should be focused on your next turn or jump.  We figure that Isabelle Marcotte and Henry Cho never have this problem. They are the duo behind Canadian made Bonnetier. For those not well versed en Français, this translates to "hosier", the original definition being one who concerned... Read more

THALASSOPHILE | Lover of the Sea

January | 04 | 2019

Bare toes squish the wet sand. The swish, swoosh, swish, of the waves keeping time like a heartbeat, like the Earth breathing in and out. As far as you can gaze, the sea stretches into blueness, and falls away over the curve of the horizon. The Ocean. It holds so much power, which sometimes bursts forth in ways that remind us how much respect it deserves. It talks to the moon, locked in a never ending push and pull that gives us tides. Is there anything on Earth so mysterious? The sheer size of it alone begs so many questions,... Read more


December | 27 | 2018

Last year around this time I got to thinking about all the things that had come to pass in 12 months. It was a great exercise in reflection, so I thought I would do it again! This year has been a big ride. For anyone who has been watching along, you know that SALT took some long strides in 2018, one or two that stretched us (and me!) pretty thin at times. Now here we are, closing in on the end of another year, and looking back, there are many moments + milestones to reflect on and rejoice in.   Victoria... Read more

SALTY SOCIAL | Beach + Bond

December | 21 | 2018

The mist still hugging the shoreline, and the day barely yet lit, we set off onto the sea. The first item on the agenda for Owner/Designer Jessica and her partner and Captain for the day Eric, was to toss the crab traps over the edge to say hello to the crawly bottom-dwellers. Then on to open waters. Two staff pick-ups were made: one on a beach on Salt Spring Island to grab Claire, SSI Store Manager Emily and her husband Nick, and the second at the Canoe Cove Gas Dock to load in Robin, Madi, Victoria Store Manager Stacey and her husband Sean,... Read more

HOLIDAY IMPACT | Zero Waste, Not Haste

December | 14 | 2018

Gift giving. Gift getting. It has been a part of the Christmas tradition since Frankincense and Myrrh. Not all winter holidays have a history of gift giving, but some have adopted the custom due to the pressures of commercial consumerism that have become associated with the Christian celebration. For the most part, it is a nice tradition. Picking out something really special for someone you care about, being excited to give it to them because you know they are going to love it. We love that feeling too! When gift giving starts to take a turn though, is when gifts... Read more

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