IMPACTFUL INTERMISSION | Getting Away With Purpose

November | 10 | 2018

The minute hand strikes 'weekend' and you're off the clock. You and a group of your best buds pile into a car filled with backpacks, coolers, and road snacks. You've got the tunes cranked and you're on your way to backroads and evergreens. You drive through forests and fog, past shorelines and mountain tops. Its a few hours before you pull into the driveway of the cabin you've rented for the weekend. Everyone rolls out and ducks inside to claim a bed (and marvel at how clean it is). Maybe there is a hot tub. Maybe there is a gas... Read more


November | 07 | 2018

Layers. Every wardrobe needs them. It's how we transition from season to season as the temperatures change.They help us develop our own personal style. One such basic layer is the button up. What a versatile garment they are! From fancy to casual, from floral to charcoal, you can find the whole spectrum of styles, cuts, and shades in this one article. We are happy to share that we have now introduced button ups into our line! Having a few dependable button ups that can go over any tee or tank is a must for us West Coasters. Anyone who has ever ventured... Read more

LIGHT IT UP | SALT Custom Candles

October | 31 | 2018

We've said it before, and we'll never stop: we love collaborating with other businesses, makers, and all around awesome people. Having our roots in a small community offers us the chance to more easily connect in person with individuals that are pursuing their passions. We love being able to converse with change makers and creators to learn about their visions and see if there is any way we can work together. Seeing our own dreams come true is amazing, but doing it while we can elevate the success and joy of others is where the true reward comes from.  We... Read more

CON·VIV·I·AL | Friendly, Lively, and Enjoyable

October | 10 | 2018

"We produce functional wares that we hope will inspire others towards gathering, hosting, and feasting. We believe the items we have in our home impact who we are and how we live. " You have probably heard us say before that we believe everything in your home should be both beautiful and functional. We stand by that, and we are always looking for companies whose creations embody that principle. Even better than discovering a company that is making beautiful things is finding out that their designs are guided by an environmental consciousness. It is one thing to incorporate that into your... Read more

SUSTAINABLY SET | The Thanksgiving Table

October | 03 | 2018

Maybe if I dry 100 perfect oak leaves months ahead of time, hand paint them all gold, and then arrange them around tiny pumpkins so they look like a perfect replica of the Horn of Plenty, I will finally achieve Stewart Status... Setting a holiday table can be overwhelming (especially in this era of Pinterest that we live in). Being able to Google any craft or scroll through 100s of photos of what everyone else is doing is great, but we can spend so much time browsing that we'll run out of time to make the meal! That might be an... Read more

A SIMPLE ACT | Dans le Sac

September | 12 | 2018

"We firmly believe that a simple action can make the difference!"  -Dans le Sac   Imagine this: you go to the grocery store, you buy a bunch of potatoes by putting them in a plastic bag provided by the store. You bring them home and put them in your fridge in the same bag.  No where in that scenario does it seem like you have a need for anything different, right? (Spoiler: wrong!) Necessity is often the mother of invention, but what about when "necessary" is a matter of perspective? There are a lot of terribly unsustainable things in day to... Read more

READY TO GO | Living Your Full Life

September | 05 | 2018

We know, we're not sure how the last few months slipped away so quickly either. But here we are, on the cusp of Fall, with another summer fading behind us. Looking back, hopefully we're left with memories of time well-spent connecting with friends, family, and the great outdoors. And if not? Dig into that a little. Why didn't you get the most out of our sunniest season? Usually, the two biggest factors blocking us from getting out there are time and money. Now, it's not easy to find stockpiles of either of those commodities, but we can change our perspective... Read more

SCHOOL SHIFT | We Don't Need No Unnatural Threads

August | 29 | 2018

It's funny that around this time every year, many of us get caught up in that back to school spirit. Even if we ourselves aren't going back to school, or have children who are, it still feels like this time of year marks a bit of a transition. Our summer calendar starts to slow down a little, we start thinking about turning leaves and cooler air. Little by little we shift into the beginnings of Autumn. The tradition of back to school shopping has been around almost as long as modern retail. When you're young, you're still growing, so it... Read more

ZERO WASTE OCEANS | Goldilocks Wraps

August | 22 | 2018

 "We are now producing nearly 300 million tons of plastic every year, half of which is for single use. More than 8 million tons of plastic is dumped into our oceans every year." - Let that sink in. Millions. Tons. If you visit Plastic Oceans' website, be prepared to ingest a number of other upsetting facts about our relationship with plastic and how it is affecting our ecosystems. Organizations like this that focus on education and action are doing so much good in the world. They work hard to inspire the global population to alter their way of life... Read more

SUMMER SELF-CARE | Skin to the Sun

August | 15 | 2018

You walk out of the shade into a brilliant patch of sunlight. You pause. Your eyes close. You feel the warmth embrace you. You sparkle with the glow of this golden aura. You are present to the moment.  It's a nice feeling to imagine, isn't it? As much as we welcome basking in that healing warmth, too much time spent in it can be dangerous to our skin. Doesn't it seem like the sun brings out all the plans we've been harbouring for months? We burst free from the confines that the walls of our homes make and spend as much... Read more

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