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At SALT we are passionate about connection, community, and ocean conservation. From the start, those things have always been the most important part of our business. Sure, we’re a clothing brand, but we’re also a family, a team of people who just want to make the world a better place.

We have to ask - why not live better? Why not go into everything you do with the best of intentions? Navigating the textile world is tricky. It’s not currently set up for the most sustainable of supply chains. We are working all the time to find better ways to approach production and make the best choices we can. In the end, our hope is that every one of our pieces creates meaningful conversation around minimizing our environmental impact and keeping our Oceans cleaner, no matter what. In this way, we hope that we can be a part of lasting change leading us towards a more conscious future.

Our collection is filled with what we like to describe as sustainable items for a mindful life. With a focus on slow fashion, we aim to help you build a simple, classic, and comfortable wardrobe you love that suits every season. We design with intention so that our pieces are long lasting and multi-functional. Inspired by our Pacific Northwest coastlines, our eco-conscious fabrics respect our natural surroundings both in source and in style. Designed locally, and sewn in Vancouver, we like to keep our operations close to home. We value the people behind our products and what they stand for.

We try to live the messages that we spread. More than anything else, that is being conscious of our impacts. We want how we treat the Earth, each other, and ourselves to guide our daily lives. That includes what we purchase, what we eat, and how we communicate. Let’s live better together.



MEET OUR FOUNDER  |  Jessica Wilson

I was raised on the sea. From a young age, I was lucky enough to have spent summers sailing through Desolation Sound on the coast of BC, and spent family trips in the Caribbean exploring the clear waters. The salty sea has always been my favourite place. I still make it a priority to spend time exploring it’s depths, coastlines, and creatures every day, almost never going a day without interacting with it. My desire to live like a mermaid and make the most of my Island life is what inspires me to build SALT everyday.

My approach to business is pretty simple - put your people first and do good for the planet. If you’re not making the world a better place, what is the point?

I founded SALT in April of 2016 with a mission to make people feel good in their clothes. It’s so fun to see people connect to the pieces we create and SALT as a brand, whether it’s because it makes them feel comfortable and confident, or because they are excited to support a company who is trying to do right by the world (or both!).

My daily routine is never the same. My work is dynamic, collaborative, and challenging - I wouldn’t have it any other way!  As SALT’s graphic and fashion designer, I am the brand leader and all around big dreamer. With no formal design or business training, I have created a brand that allows our team to raise awareness around ocean conservation, mindfulness, and the choices we can all make that will lead towards a more sustainable world. I love hosting events and creating community around SALT as a brand leading us all to be ambassadors for the Ocean.




Arielle Moore  |  Graphic Designer + E-commerce Manager

Arielle lives in Victoria, B.C. and spends her days at HQ designing our packaging and promotional graphics and keeping the online shop fresh. Coming from positions in e-commerce management, graphic design, and event coordination she's ready to jump in wherever she's needed. She's a true homebody who loves to create a comfortable place to land where she can weave, read, and practice tarot. Always up for a weekend camping trip or a day spent by the lake, Arielle lives by the mantra "do what you love" and  believes life is meant to be enjoyed in every moment. 




Jarrah Nicholson  |  Marketing Coordinator

Jarrah is originally from Melbourne, Australia but has recently settled in Victoria and is very excited to call this her new home. Her energy goes into social media, tackling the ins and outs of instagram and our ambassador program. Jarrah lives a holistic lifestyle and is passionate about reducing her impact on the environment and living out sustainable practices. Traveling and the great outdoors fuels her fire for life and you will find her chasing any and every outdoor adventure possible all while documenting it in front of and behind the camera. Make sure you check out our Instagram, facebook, Tik Tok and Pinterest to see her work in action.